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"We came across Phi’s new album a few months ago and were blown away by its Zappa-esque exuberance and psychedelic colour. It’s a refreshing sonic journey. The title track is a particular highlight with a 60s San Francisco bohemian vibe, tasty 7/8 time signature, shimmery harmonic shifts, gorgeous vocal stabs and a beautiful whammy-infused solo. Superstar Christobal Vs The Archdemon Of Time is a wonderment of groove, chord changes and more lovely guitar playing that dips between blues-rock and crazy Vai-like phrasing. He can mosh too - Sasquatch Stomp has a menacing riff and layered guitar lines. Wickety Wickety is an ominously cartoon-ish song that evokes childhood nightmares watching the 70s film of Charlie And The Chocolate Factory, or the trip-out elephant dancing scene from Disney’s Dumbo. In short, Phi is quite the genius!”  Guitar Techniques Magazine, Issue 350, August 2023.

The music of Phi Yaan-Zek comes from unusual roots, blending a musical background in classical, jazz, progressive rock and avant-garde improvisational forms with the Indian music of his family background. He has recorded and performed with the likes of Mike Keneally (Frank Zappa), Ron Thal (Bumblefoot), Marco Minnemann, Bryan Beller, Andy Edwards, Morgan Ågren, Steve Lawson and Lalle Larsson among others. With 11 album releases to his name since 1997, Phi’s dynamic musical vision dances yin-yang style between the polarities of passionate, dark intensity and warm, otherworldly playfulness. For playfulness, think of iconic British children’s TV theme tunes from the 70s and 80s which have occasionally in a subtle and not-so-subtle way infused his sound! His music has also been described as blending the intricate West Coast rock guitar sounds of pioneers such as Frank Zappa and Steve Vai, with British off-kilter eccentricity exemplified by XTC, Cardiacs, Gentle Giant, while drawing on orchestral and filmscore influences such as Igor Stravinsky and John Barry. The result is an imaginative genre-melting musical universe that blends vibrant world music inspired rhythms, fiery guitar, exotic melodies and extended jazz harmonies into an orchestrated psychedelic cauldron.

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