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  • Follow my Soundcloud page to hear all my latest media compositions, Everpresence neo-classical pieces and electronica productions.

  • Here’s a mini-documentary about the making of the ‘Interdimensional Garden Party’ album, featuring Chanan Hanspal, Bryan Beller, Mike Keneally, Andy Edwards and Lalle Larsson.


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  • Just released is ‘Restful Spaces - Volume One’.  It is an album of deep and spacious ambient guitar music, played live at London's 5 Rhythms Sunday Sweat during 2011. It was made with a guitar, a Digitech JamMan Delay loop pedal with some loaded pre-recorded loops and a bunch of sound warping EHX guitar pedals such as the POG 2 which layered in the organ/keyboard like tones in the music.
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  • Pre-order the 20th Anniversary re-release of ‘Holotropic Guitarright here. Remixed and remastered with additional bonus tracks, the album is to be released on 6th November - available on CD and download. Comes for a limited time only with a FREE download of 'Cosmic Monstrositors' - although pre-orders should get both albums a little earlier.

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  • Tickets for the UK 'Reality Is My Play Thing’ album launch show September 15th at Kidderminster College Theatre are on sale now.

  • New double album: ‘Reality Is My Play Thing’ is now available to buy from Bandcamp here.  Available as download and/or double CD standard edition or triple CD set special edition versions.

  • Ley Lines III - Live At Worley’s now available on Bandcamp. Check it out here.
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  • Released on Bandcamp: my newly remastered for 2017 soundtrack album originally produced in 2004 for the Wisdom of the Ancients documentary and multi-media exhibition. Deep and mysterious music - listen to it here.

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